Dive Float

One of the most critical pieces of spearfishing equipment you need for your spearfishing adventures is a dive float and flag. Not only does it make you much more visible in the water to any boats speeding past, the best spearfishing float will also provide a handy bit of storage when you’re on the water.

For your safety, the dive float must have noticeable colors such as yellow, orange or  red.Floats  are manufactured from high-quality materials such as inflatable PVC balloon, polyurethane, styrofoam, and with a white strip dive flag on red ground.

The float must be capable of carrying you when you are  tired. It should be in technology where you can hang or put your materials such as fish, speargun,drinking water etc.

To be able to mark your dive point, you need to have a floating rope and a part of it to wrap the rope.

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