Dive Knife


Diving knives are a not required by some divers as a diving equipment , but does not have an alternative at the time when you need .

First thing you need to know is that the dive knife is not a weapon, it is just a tool. It is likely that you very rarely use the dive knife .

The main and most important use of the knife is to free you or your buddy in case you get stuck in a fishnet,monofilament fishing line or with any other waste under the sea.  If that ever happens you would appreciate having a knife.

A dive knife is a diver’s best companion! While that sentence may sound a bit dramatic, in reality a dive knife is truly an excellent tool to have every time you go diving.

Dive knives are an essential part of a diver’s toolbox. They are an important tool that any diver would like to keep with himself for his security and to ensure that his diving experience beneath the waters is trouble free.

Dive knife should be a stainless steel or titanium one with a sharp cutting edge and a serrated (sawing) edge.

Case of diving knives are usually made of plastic material. In order not to drop the knife, it is necessary to have a mechanism or a rubber locking system on the case.

We need to get the dive knives where we can easily reach them .  Free diving and spear fishing knives are usually attached to the weight belt. If we are going to put our diving knife on our leg, those who use the right hand can fasten the inner side of the left leg and the left hand to the inner side of the right leg with rubber straps.


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