How to use a spearfishing stringer

Spearfish Stringer

Spearing a fish is one thing. But it’s not really yours until you’ve made it back to the boat or out of sea. In the meantime, you need to use a spearfishing stringer to carry your catch under the sea.

There’s a couple of different types of fish stringers. Personally, I like the cable and spike as it’s so easy to use, but you may find you prefer the hoop as well.

How to use a spearfish stringer?

Various people have various techniques but here are the most common.

Through the gill and out the mouth – probably the worst option as you can lose fish through them bobbing lose as they float on the ocean surface, not recommended.

Through the eyes – literally stab them across the side head, in one eye and out the other – a bit brutal but effective. You will never lose a fish this way but there is a better technique.

Down through the head – This our preferred option. Downwards between the eyes and back a bit through the brain. It ensures the fish is dead which is the most important aspect and you will never lose a fish by accident.

I like the type that has a sharpened rod about 6″ long attached to about 18″ of ss cable. I always put the fish on the spearfish stringer before removing the spear, the fish can get loose and swim away.For most fish I string them through the eye sockets, for the biters .I string through the gills and out the mouth.


Spearfishing combines the glory of hunting for your own food with the joy of sport. If you think fishing rod is not your thing but you still want to enjoy the thrill of the pursuit, spearfishing is your sport.

Spearfishing forces individuals to direct their focus on a particular prey then make use of their shrewdness and athletic prowess to hunt down said prey . It can be a hard job but once the spear lances into a fish, you will instantly feel the victory.

By involving yourself in the ritual, you also make a sport and have a nice time.


Spearfishing stringer is a tool used in spearfishing to thread fish so they can be plunged into and still be kept fresh in the water. These stringers can be made from either rope or chain.

The simplest among them would have to be the rope type; it is composed of a line of rope or wire with a threading needle made of hard plastic or metal. The stringer’s end typically features a detachable wire ring that is employed to secure the entire tool.

The spearfishing stringer is looped throughout the fish gill then gets pulled out by way of the mouth. Or it can be looped throughout the fish’s upper and lower mouth which lets it breathe through the gills without restrictions.

Chain stringers are composed of chain and feature safety-pin snaps threaded along the entire length of the device which can be fastened into the fish.

The device is tough since it is made from stainless steel, so take good care of it and it will last you for a long time. Beginners who are wary of using a spearfishing stringer might even like this; it is functional and easy to use.

Its quick clip provides plenty of assistance for smoother, faster stringing procedures. Big or small fishes, you can use spearfishing stringer on them.

For spearfishing, having this in your cache of fishing gear will lessen struggling with your catch. The clips will easily accommodate the catch on your speargun or pole spears without much effort.

The spearfishing stringer’s own quick clip manages to serve its purpose and give off fast, easy procedures. Its accompanying metal cable is resilient and hard-wearing since it’s made from stainless steel, plus it also offers greater grip.


Spearfishing stringer do not have any disadvantages while spearfishing and most users were satisfied with its overall performance.

Spearfishing stringer both rope and chain types ultimately supports you perfectly and helps you into the sea.

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