Snorkel, Which is better, Long or Short?

Like all equipments used in freediving, snorkel is also an important equipment that must have some properties.

Free dive snorkel should have a simple design. There should not be any parts that impair hydrodynamics, such as discharge valves or the valve that prevents entering water, and the length should not be too long. Otherwise this will drastically reduce your speed by shaking and prevent you from doing a comfortable dive. Most freedivers use their snorkel by cutting it out of the tip and shortening it. The long snorkel makes it difficult to evacuate the water filled with it.

The free diving snorkeling should have slightly curved faces, jaws and heads, and should be as close to the face and heads as possible during use. The folds should not be rigid enough to make the evacuation of water into the snorkel difficult and create dead air spaces where CO2 gas can accumulate. It should be an optimal size to allow easy evacuation of water and comfortable breathing. In snorkels with very large internal diameters, it is difficult to evacuate the water that is filled into the snorkel.

The point to be considered when choosing a free-diving snorkel is the material used in the construction of snorkels. Especially those made of silicon-based materials should be preferred. In order to avoid irritation in the mouth, it should be silicone, and should be able to be comfortably held in the mouth without straining the jaw, without energizing.

Remember that you will keep the snorkel in your mouth for an extended period of time (that could easily add up to several hours during a day of freediving). So any scratches or scrapes may become an irritation or a cut and turn an enjoyable day freediving into an uncomfortable one.

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