Weight Belt & Weight, Calculate ideal weight to dive.

The human body has partial buoyant. In addition, some of the materials we use for spear fishing affects our buoyant as well. For example, neoprene diving suits have air bubbles in their fabrics and therefore the diving suit gives us extra buoyant. This means that our body already has a buoyancy ratio, and it will be impossible to dive down and stay there with the diving equipments that provides extra buoyancy. That’s where the weight belt comes into play.

As a result, we need to make the most ideal weight calculation in order to dive into the depth we want to and be able to spearfishing. We need three basic information to make the ideal weight calculation. Diving Depth, Wetsuit Thickness and Body Weight.

A weight of 100 kg man, who will dive to 0-10 meters depth, will be enough to wear 9-10 kg weight according to body structure with 5 mm wetsuit. When the thickness of the dress changes, the weight changes as well. The difference between 3-5-7 mm wetsuit is about 2 kg. In other words, if you use 8 kg weight with a 3 mm wetsuit, you can wear 10 kg with 5 mm wetsuit and 12 kg with 7 mm wetsuit. For a 0-10 meter depth, you can roughly adjust the weight calculation to 1 kg of body weight. For example: 100 kg body weight = 10 kg lead weight.The ideal weight calculation varies from person to person. One person with 100 kg weight can use 10 kg weight and another person with the same weight can use 12 kg.

If you have more weight than you need on your weight belt, you will get tired of swimming. Even though it is comfortable to dive the bottom, it will cause you to spend extra effort for swimming up. If the weight is less than necessary, you will have difficulty in descending to the bottom and you will have difficulty in standing at the bottom and you will get tired. Distribute the lead weights as many pieces as possible on the belt.

For example, if you are going to wear 10 kg of weight belt, use 5 pieces of 2 kg lead weight.

Distribute lead weights around your waist. Lead weights should be collected as much as possible in the back of our body.

I suggest you to use a rubber weight belt with a Marseillease buckle. Because these belts are flexible they do not cause breathing trouble. And they won’t bother you by moving to right and left. They are easy to remove in an emergency situation. As you dropped into deeper depths your nylon belt starts doing loops around your waist like a hula-hoop. Your stomach compresses as you get to deeper depths. As your stomach compresses the belt becomes loose on your waist and begins shifting

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